After Liposuction Surgery

There is a lot of homework leading up to the surgery date. With things like scheduling consultation with a surgeon, comparing costs, risk factors and all the preparation leading up to the procedure, modafinil it is easy to forget to think about what will happen immediately after liposuction surgery.

For obvious reasons, patients must be conscious about their weight or appearance. So once the fat is removed and the patient is enjoying their new figure, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. There are many questions such as “will the fat every come back after it is removed?” and “when can I get back to working out?” that this post will attempt to answer.

Before we get into the discussion of post lipo surgery, let’s reiterate that it is important to remember that liposuction is not a weight loss solution and is not a cure for obesity or being overweight. That is why there are eligibility requirements to be a candidate for the surgery. The most basic qualifications are that the patient must be no more than 30 pounds over their ideal weight and must show that they can maintain their weight by being roughly the same weight for at least a year. Stability is important after the surgery which is why it is one of the criteria before the surgery.

What Happens If I Gain Weight After The Liposuction Procedure?

Liposuction is a permanent procedure, once the fat cells are destroyed and removed from the treated area of the body they can never come back. This means that the sculpted area will maintain the figure as long as there is no excessive weight gain. The area that was treated will be less likely to accumulate fat and any weight gain will increase the size of the areas not treated leading to a visible disproportionate fat distribution.

How Soon Can I Work Out After Liposuction?

The recovery time depends on the individual and it is important not to over stress the body too quickly after the surgery. The best way to know what is right for you is by consulting with your plastic surgeon. While it depends on the size of the procedure, typically a patient can begin brisk walking after two weeks of resting and any excess work out should wait at least one month after surgery.

How To Maintain Your Weight

Controlling your body is not as hard as some people make it sound. It is simple, but no one said it would be easy. The challenge is the same as changing any habit and we all know what a challenge that could be. But to do well you need to stay consistent, disciplined, and have fun with it. The best way is not to just lose weight and look great but feel good while doing it which will make it so much easier to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle.

While there is no particular order of importance since everything works together in different ways, begin by adding more greens to your diet. Antioxidants in the plants protect against cellular damage and the high fiber diet will promote a strong digestive system, keep you fuller, and regulate metabolism. If you are not used to eating vegetables, try simply adding one little thing with each meal and then increase the ratio as you begin to realize that how enjoyable vegetables and fruits are. Making it a daily habit is really the key.

The second thing is to drink more water. Everyone has heard this over and over but it is true. Your body is made up of mostly water and it is the best solvent for diluting other chemicals in your body to maintain a healthy balance. The extra water helps keep the toxins flowing out of the body as well. Carry a water bottle with you and sip on it throughout the day. You will notice more energy and higher alertness.

Finally, one of the key cornerstones of good health that cannot be avoided is exercise. Just move!! Moving the body gets the blood flowing which is good since your blood is the distributor of nutrients for the different parts of the body. There are almost too many benefits to count so don’t question it. Schedule some time to exercise daily and perform exercises for your level of fitness. Also, making little changes such as taking the stairs instead of elevators will go a long way.

This is not a free pass to be lazy about maintaining your body. It is the only one you will ever have so why not keep it in peak condition? There is no substitute for immobility and poor diet. In fact, many patients find that liposuction actually helps kick start their new healthy lifestyle. The immediate improve is motivating for many people to start exercising because they like what they see in the mirror.